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Stepping Stones & Stepping Stones Journal

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About Stepping Stones

"Stepping Stones" is a parable of two successful corporate executives, Kitt and April who share candid exchanges of feelings, desires and aspirations along their personal and professional journeys. They reveal the internal and external dialogue that can culminate into self-doubt, allowing the delay of dreams, growth, expression and progression. This tale symbolically portrays the very real conversations that we have with ourselves, but don’t always share with others for concern of being judged. Kitt and April draw upon those conversations to navigate the triumph of faith, trust and surrender above and beyond the obstacles of fear, doubt and failure. 

“Stepping Stones” is an excellent read for anyone with a DREAM, anyone who has ever DOUBTED THEMSELVES and EVERYONE who can appreciate how our internal dialogue can CAUSE A DELAY or SPRINGBOARD US TO ACTION!

Readers will find the dialogue relatable and appreciate the message of each phase of the journey. As a compliment to “Stepping Stones,” the “Stepping Stones Journal” is the perfect tool to explore and process the internal chatter.

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